So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish

It’s not often that one gets to meet a true friend, a person who adds value in more than just a single aspect of your life.

Today, this person, my friend, leaves EMC and starts a new journey elsewhere.

Our friendship started when ND joined EMC. Though we  had met previously on a Brocade training course, I thought he was a very strange fellow, somewhat eccentric, but obviously brilliant.  Our friendship grew at EMC, mostly because everything he did was so weird and he was easy to joke with.

ND, I thank you for challenging me daily, questioning everything, and for always being yourself, no matter how weird I believe you are. You’ve taught me so much and you drive me to be more in touch with industry. Your technical expertise are known in the industry and yet you’re still so humble (I would make people bow at my feet). Your name is known amongst your peers and your opinions are never questioned by anyone. I can only wish to be as revered as you are.

Thank you for being an awesome friend. I will miss you and so too will EMC.