Nerd Fest 2013

Nerd Fest – as defined by Urban Dictionary: “any event or gathering of nerds during which the enjoyment of a nerdy subject is experienced”.

I plan to host one of these Nerd Fest’s where the idea would be to share and discuss various ares of interest , including home networking, media players, media servers and media in general. I also want to provide opportunity to copy media in general such as linux distros and those under GPL ūüôā

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My Home Lab

A few months ago, I bought a HP ML 150 G6 server to use as in my home lab. Up until now, I had nothing, no server, no storage, no switch. I managed to save some cash and probably paid the same for a server as I would have paid for a PC if I had built it myself, considering the motherboard, memory, cpu, disk, etc.

I was able to convince a colleague to donate a quad port GbE NIC to my cause and got another to organize a memory upgrade. The system by default comes with just 2Gb RAM Рway too little to comfortably run the most basic of systems. I now have 12Gb RAM and in home lab terms, this is probably still considered very little, But for now, it should suffice for my needs (needs relating to home lab environment, not very clear what I will end up building though).

So far i’ve installed esxi 5, built DNS, AD and installed vCenter. Now, I’m not sure what the ultimate idea is, but in the short term, I’d like to get vCloud Director installed and operational and my plan is to blog about my experiences.

I know that there are tons of blogs out there showing and documenting people’s home lab builds and progress and mine is probably not much¬†different. I’m open to suggestions for posts, topics, etc.

Let’s have some nerdy fun.